Vice-President Communications


The Vice President Communications shall:

* Be responsible for the maintenance of the RESS web page

* Be responsible for publicizing all RESS functions

* Be responsible for RESS submissions to the URSU Handbook and other publications as required

* Be responsible for regularly posting all Council meeting minutes for public viewing, locations including but not limited to the RESS website and the RESS Bulletin Board.

* Be responsible for coordination of minutes at Council and General meetings

* Be responsible for maintaining and updating both hard and soft copies of all official RESS documents and archives

* Be responsible for keeping the articles of incorporation up to date

* Be responsible for the annual publication of the RESS handbook and its advertising contract

* Every semester announce to one core class of every year how to get RESS funding for intramural teams

* Be responsible for the coordination of at least one RESS Event

* Be the leader of the Communications Team