Vice-President Academic


The Vice-President Academic shall:

* Assist the President in co-ordinating Council business

* Assume the President’s duties in his/her absence

* Be the liaison between the Dean and an Student-Faculty of Engineering committees

* Be the liaison with the URSU student advocate

* In conjunction with the Vice-President Finance, have co-endorsement authority of cheques or monetary transactions under the name of the RESS

* Address issues regarding the quality of education being provided by the University of Regina

* Act on student academic concerns and academic complaints

* Be responsible for the Supplemental Tutorial Program

* Co-ordinate student representation on faculty search committees on the Engineering Equipment Fund

* Co-ordinate and advertise the Supplemental Tutorial Program

* Properly document all tutorial agreements and arrangements

* Prepare an accurate financial accounting of all Tutorial Program expenses each semester

* Be responsible for the coordination of academic related events

* Be the leader of the Academic Team