The President shall:

* Co-ordinate RESS Council activities

* Chair all meetings of the RESS at which s/he is present

* Ensure that all Council members are fulfilling their responsibilities and acting in the best interests of the RESS

* Be ultimately responsible for actions taken by the RESS

*  Be responsible for RESS succession planning, as well as actions to ensure a smooth transition between changing Councils.

* Act as a chief spokesperson on behalf of the RESS

* Be the primary interpreter of the RESS Constitution and Operations Manual

* Be the liaison between the RESS and university security, physical plant and other university departments

*  Have co-endorsement authority of cheques or monetary transactions under the name of the RESS

* Be responsible for the duties of any vacant council position

* Be responsible for the coordination of at least one RESS Event

*  Attend all (PAC) Presidents Advisory Committee meetings scheduled by the Student’s Union


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  • Date: 27 January 2012
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