Regina Engineering Students' Society

And the winners are…

The results from the elections are in and the winners are…

President : Mitch Hipperson
VP Academic: Tania Andrews
VP Finance: Tracie Orb
VP Communciations: Adam Baragar
VP Social: Will Butler
VP Special Projects: Ariele Chow
VP Professional Affairs: Steven Hepting
VP Student Associations: Katherine Stephenson
Lounge Director: Matt Steen
Store Director: Connor Wright
Webmaster: Drew Baldock
I^3 Director: Jordan Padbury

Congratulations to

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Energy Industry books (for free)

There is a stack of free books explaining what the energy industry is like, and where it’s going in the next 10 years. The title is “How the Energy Industry Works – An Insider’s Guide.” We received about 60 of them for free, so if you’re interested in a career

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