Author: Quinn Bast

Election Results!

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s elections!

The results from the 2016-2017 winter elections are as follows:

1st Year Chair:
Blessing Bamigboye – 62
Non-Confidence – 11

1st Year Communications:
Brandon Clarke – 56
Non-Confidence – 17

Visual Media Director:
Andrea Mah – 54
Non-Confidence – 19

Charity Director:
Oluwanifemi Adekoya – 29
Petra Kujawa – 27
Ashley Sakundiak – 12
Non-Confidence – 5

3rd Year Representative:
Armin Smajevic – 50
Non-Confidence – 23

Grad Representative:
Shelby Benko – 56
Non-Confidence – 17

Congratulations to everyone who ran! We thank everyone for their interest in joining the RESS council. We encourage anyone who is interested to apply again in March!


Make sure you come out to BEERFEST! Beerfest is September 24th and will be the best party of the year! With an awesome DJ, cheap drinks, and the OWL booked, this party will knock your socks off!

See more details here:

Summer Events

Have you had a long and uneventful summer?

If you answered yes or no to that question then the RESS has the
event for you! This summer, the RESS is hosting two summer events in the middle of July for all engineering students to come and enjoy. Both a BITL, and a Beef and Pizza are going to be held for your enjoyment, free to all!

The details for both of these events are as follows:
Beer In the Lounge
Friday July 15th, 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Beach Volleyball courts

Beef N’ Pizza
Tuesday July 19th, 12:30pm – 2:30pm

That’s right, a BITL (Beer in the Lounge), where you (and your friends!) can come have a nice cold beer (18+) and socialize with us on the beach volleyball courts! If you were looking for some excitement in your summer then this is the perfect event for you. Our BITLs on the beach volleyball courts have had the best turnouts above all other student societies and we hope to see you at this one, we won’t let you down! $2 refreshments as well as some type of food will be served.

Did somebody say Pizza? and Beef? That’s right! Come out to the Beef and Pizza if you’re fed up with a professor or a certain class; or maybe you just want some free pizza. Be sure to join us at this event where we take notes on your complaints and submit them for review to the faculty. This event is a great way for you to provide your opinion to the faculty in hopes of improving our school. We hope you guys find a chance to cool off this summer and make it out to these awesome events. I’ll see you all there!