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Beef n’ Pizza on Thursday, June 5

Want to rave about an awesome professor or rant about an awful one? You can do both of these things while also enjoying some free pizza and beverages at the Summer Beef N’ Pizza hosted by the RESS. Every engineering student is invited!

Where: CK 185 (Centre for Kinesiology)
When: 11 AM – 1 PM, Thursday, June 5

I hope to see you all there!

RESS Wants You to Learn Lean Six Sigma in Montreal‏

What are you doing from August 18 to 29?  If you’d like your answer to be, “improving my resume and supplementing my education in down-town Montreal,” then keep reading.

On those dates, there is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course being offered by the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES).  Read this PDF for more information on the course.  To encourage you to attend, the Regina Engineering Students’ Society (RESS) would like to help you pay for flights. boarding, and fees.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, fill out the RESS’ open-conference funding application found on our Governance & Forms page and submit it to us at the engineering lounge (ED 127).

How to join the Regina Engineering Students’ Society‏ Council

Would you like to be a part of the Regina Engineering Students’ Society (RESS) and help us improve the lives and education of engineering students?

We are currently looking for undergraduate engineers to fill the following positions:

  • Charity Director
  • Social Equality Representative
  • International Student Representative (International student preferred)
  • Grad Representative (Graduating student preferred)
And we are also looking to fill the class representative positions (must be in the corresponding year level):
  • Fifth-Year Representative
  • Fourth-Year Representative
  • Third-Year Representative
  • Second-Year Representative
You can learn more about these positions, their responsibilities, and our society on the council positions page. To apply for these positions, just fill out the council nomination form which can be found on our governance & forms page, get ten other undergraduate engineers to sign it, and submit it to us at the engineering lounge (ED 127).  We will then review your nomination, hold interviews, and vote on your appointment.

Elections 2013

The RESS election will take place on Wednesday March 13, 2013. Voting will be by paper ballot in the RESS lounge ED127. For students on co-op or those that can not make it to the lounge can still vote via urcourses – process TBD.
President – Jason Whitelaw

VP Academic – Dan Hebert, Brad Lulik
VP Communications – David Crossman
VP Professional Affairs – Brayden Willenborg
VP Finance – Justin Rumpel
VP Student Associations – Matt Cooke
VP Social – Austin Meldrum

Publication’s Director – Eva Rennie
Stores Director – Magda Seitz
Student Life Director – Seth Hunt, Lindsey Petersen, Dylan Edgar, Shelby Benko
Industry Relations Director – Nicole Barber
Lounge Director – Vacant
Charity Director – Vacant

Candidate Profiles

Seth Hunt – Student Life Director

My name is Seth Hunt and I am in my third year of the Industrial Systems program. Before I decided to pursue an engineering degree, I was in the business faculty. After studying business for two years, I realized that the subject matter was not holding my interest,so I started looking for other options and this lead me to make the switch to engineering. I am very satisfied with my decision and find that the engineering faculty is challenging but it is also very rewarding. I have met some amazing people in this faculty that have made it interesting and fun to go to classes and labs everyday.

I am running for one of the Student Life Director positions for 2013-2014. If elected to this position, I will work to increase the level of student involvement in the engineering faculty. I have noticed—due to many factors—that the student involvement is relatively low, and thus there is a lot of room for improvement in this area. I believe it is important that engineering students are involved within their  faculty and attend events, as it helps build important relationships with fellow students. These  interactions will prove to be beneficial both during and after university.

My organization skills and ability of being able to handle multiple projects at once will be a great asset to  the Regina Engineering Student Society. Additionally, participating in the 2007 Lieutenant Governor’s  Leadership Forum has allowed me to understand the importance of having strong leadership and  teamwork qualities. Working with the other elected members, I will ensure that all RESS organized events are run smoothly so that it is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

I am a hard working and motivated individual who strives to achieve the very best. I am grateful to be nominated for the Student Life Director position and I believe it is the right choice that you, my peers, decide to vote for me on Election Day

Dylan Edgar – Student Life Director

My name is Dylan Edgar, and I’m a 2nd year engineering student running for Student Life
director. This position replaced the I^3 and Competitions Directors previously within the council. Being a Student Life Director entails the following:

Promote the ideals of engineering and RESS among students
Encourage RESS members to participate in RESS social events
Responsible for helping plan FROSH, REC, Engineering Week and Beer in the Lounge.
Being active in planning all RESS events
Assisting the VP Social and Student Affairs to carry out tasks assigned to them.

My goal with running this position is to help maintain the replaced positions benefits while
removing the downsides and drama that was attached to the positions last year, including lack of commitment and unfair workloads. I vow to be committed and organized with all aspects, along with helping the council in all activities required. On top of this, as someone who spends a large amount of time in the lounge and communicating with previous and, hopefully, current council members, emergency activities requiring help at last minute will not be a problem as I have clear communication and would allow for a relatively easy transition into the council. I have been involved in many RESS events in the
past, and I will help to continue Frosh and engineering week’s previous legacy as enjoyable experiences, as well as remedying the unfortunate mishap that accompanied REC’s last minute organization last year.

My goal is to bring more people into RESS sponsored events, along with attempting to make these events even better. I will be constantly involved within the council, I will listen to recommendations on fixing/making events a more enjoyable experience, and I will be sure to be involved myself in as many events as possible as I have in the past.

Your vote will lead to a committed, involved individual, who will listen to all ideas presented to him, along with making the events bigger and better than ever.

Vote for me.

Magda Seitz – Stores Director

My name is Magda Seitz and am presently in my second year of Industrial Systems Engineering. For the 2013-2014 RESS Council, I am running for the position of Stores Director. This will be my first year of involvement with the Council and I am very excited to maintain the level of excellence displayed by previous Stores Directors as well as implement some improvements.

My goal as Stores Director is to update some of the merchandise stocked by the RESS and make it more appealing to the student body, thus boosting sales. As well I would like to better uphold the duties of Stores Director, and put a genuine effort into running a merchandise kiosk at engineering events.

I am pleased to have been nominated for the position of Stores Director and hope to uphold the standard of ethics and quality maintained by the RESS in the coming year. I hope to prove myself as an asset to this organization for this term as well as others.

Western Engineering Competition 2012 Results

It is our pleasure to announce to you the results of the 2012 Western Engineering Competition hosted by the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta.

The Western Engineering Competition is an annual competition hosted and attended by almost all of the accredited engineering institutions in western Canada, from the University of Manitoba to the University of Victoria. The event features 6 competitions, Communication Engineering, Consulting Engineering, Impromptu Debate, Innovative Design, Junior Team Design and Senior Team Design.

The Communication competition requires an individual or team of two to present a topic, technical in nature, and demonstrate its social, economic and environmental impacts. Kyle Smyth took third place, out of 14 teams, with his topic on open-source software. The competition was won by the University of Calgary, followed by the University of Manitoba.

The Junior Team Design competition required a team of four first or second year engineering students to solve a physical problem. University of Regina Team One, who’s members included Nick Phongsavath, Mason Tebb, Ryan Kinnear, and Dylan Rush, finished second place (out of 21 teams) only slightly behind Simon Fraser University. The team was tasked to design an apparatus to lift dirty water out of a reservoir, filter it and then deposit in to a second reservoir. The team came up with a vertical conveyer system, powered by a drill, which brought water up and into a trough. The trough moved the water into a three-stage filter of sand, cotton and polyester. The filtered water was then tested at a chemistry lab at the University of Calgary and a panel of four judges in industry critiqued their design.

The Junior Design Team will advance to the Canadian Engineering Competition, being held in March at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.

We would also like to mention the excellent performance and professionalism of our Senior Design Team which included Johann Kriek, Aaron Mead, Mitch Parsons and, Yilun Deng. They were tasked with designing an automated VEX Robot that had to clean up a mock oil spill. Unfortunately for them, the first test of two went wrong and broke one of the sensors and on their second try were forced to use human intervention, which lost them several points. Had they not had to use human intervention we are confident they would have easily taken a podium spot.

We are extremely proud of all of the delegates that represented our school. On top of the two podium finishes, the University of Regina delegation was an honourable mention for the overall Spirit Award.

For more pictures of the event, visit our Flickr page:

1-4 Reception

The RESS is hosting the 17th annual Year 1-4 Reception on Thursday March 12, 2009, during Engineering Week, at the Terrace Rotunda/Plaza at Innovation Place 140 – 10 Research Drive from 7pm – 9pm. This reception will be a semi-formal mixer with wine and appetizers, and give first year students, upper year students, engineering faculty members, and industry engineers/sponsors a chance to network and listen to a guest speaker. There will also be a number of booths set up to give sponsors and engineering clubs a chance to expose their organization to students.

Admission to this event is free, but all who wish to attend (excluding the 1st year engineering students) must send their Name, Organization/Company that they will be attending on behalf of, and their email to Sherron Campbell at

We would like to invite all engineering students, the engineering faculty, engineering organizations, and industry engineers. Since this event would not be possible without sponsorship, we encourage sponsorship from the Organization/Company that attendance will be on behalf of.

Remember, attendance to this event is limited, so get your e-mails in!

For sponsorship information, please see our link below.
1-4 Sponsorship Package

Summer Events

There are 3 events planned for the Spring/Summer semester as follows:

Beer in the Lounge – May 22
Beer in the Lounge – June 12
Brew ‘n’ Q – July 4