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Proposed Constitution Amendments

Hello folks,

I have had the great opportunity to work with our Constitution Revision Committee to help amend our Constitution for the future. There are three proposed amendments:

1. Revisited and Updated Constitution (Attached)

There are some notable style changes to match our update policy manual as well as updates to numbers. We adjusted quorum at General Meetings from 30 to 60 since the growth of our school needs more representation. Some other changes include more in-depth definitions of terms such as Honorary Members, Active Members, and more general definitions. Also in this update, we define our symbols as each the crest and the logo. We also added a clause for Presidential candidates such that “candidates shall have previously served a minimum of one semester on the Executive or served a minimum of two terms on the Directors”. Whereas prior it was only elected officers,  now any member of Council can be recalled if one third (1/3) of current ‘Active’ members or three (3) times as many ‘Active’ members that elected the member, whichever is less sign a petition and nominate another ‘Active’ member to be a candidate for the position.

2. Vice-President Student Associations

In the case the first amendment is approved, there is an amendment to title of the position of “Vice-President Student Associations” to be changed to “Vice-President External Affairs”

3. Vice-President Finance

In the case the first amendment is approved, there is an amendment to title of the position of “Vice-President Finance” to be changed to “Vice-President Money”


David Crossman
Vice-President Student Associations

Regina Engineering Competition 2014 Results

Thank you to all the judges, volunteers and competitors that came out today to make this one of the most challenging competitions so far. A special thanks to APEGS for their support and contribution to the event, we certainly could not have done it without them. Here are your 2014 winners:

Senior Design
1 – Ryan Kinnear, Mason Tebb,  Dylan Rush, Brayden Willenborg
2 – Arsalan Khan, Vanessa Lee, Lindsey Kinash, Elechi Frank
Junior Design
1 – Tyson Blaschke, Michael Mogentale, Garrett Terlson, Kolby Parisloff
2 – Curtis Penrose, Ashley Linkewich, Jeff Redmond, Dustin Coupland
Engineering Communications
1 – Caileigh Beckman, Magda Seitz
2 – Nicole Barber
Innovative Design
1 – Sumaiya Asad, Monica Purewal
Consulting Engineering
1 – Seth Hunt, Daniel Frazer, Ray Lagimodiere, Ryan Clark
2 – Carli Rosenbaum, Camille Jensen, Graem Johnston, Kade Halabuza
3 – Connor Tant, Mark Rumpel, Brent Reid, Kyle Shaw
4 – Michael Pereira, Steven Suh, Alan Lavoie, Chelsea Roy
Impromptu Debate
1 – Jason Whitelaw, Chris Carman
2 – Paul Hewitt, Maksym Zabutnyy
1 -Owen Lareau, Marten Fidler
Thank you again for those who came out to participate! Feedback from the competition will be sent out later this week.

Regina Engineering Competition 2014 Registration

Over the course of November 8th, 2014, student teams design, engineer, and present their innovative ideas and products. As outlined below, the competitions are organized to challenge and engage a variety of students, testing their engineering skill-sets from every angle. Winners of each category are revealed at the closing banquet.

Consulting Engineering
As one of the most intimidating categories, the Consulting Engineering competition challenges participants in teams of 4 to devise an innovative and comprehensive solution to a real-world problem prescribed by a hypothetical client. Students must consider the economic, environmental, and social implications in the process, and submit recommendations in a report and presentation format to be assessed by a panel of judges.

Senior Design
Senior Design tests creativity and problem solving skills in teams of four. Competitors are given a hint regarding the challenge they will encounter the week before WEC, with a detailed explanation of the engineering problem the morning of the competition. Students will have 12 hours to develop a tactile solution with a limited set of resources. To finish, teams present and demonstrate their implementation to a panel of judges, who will be looking for creativity, cost, effectiveness, and feasibility of the designs.

Junior Design
This competition requires teams of 4 to build a simple device with very limited resources. With only 4 hours and a sparse set of materials, teams must create a tangible solution to the outlined problem. Devices are tested after a short presentation to a panel of judges looking for creativity, cost effectiveness, and feasibility.

Engineering Communications
Engineering Communications focuses on the the importance of addressing technical subjects to the general public. Students research their topic and prepare 20-minute presentations prior to the competition and present to a panel of judges. Students are assessed on their content, analysis, and presentation skills.

Impromptu Debate
This competition pits teams of two with designated viewpoints against each other in debate format. The topic and viewpoints are disclosed minutes before each round begins. Pairs progress through a series of rounds based on their ability to persuade a panel of judges to favour their side of the prescribed topic.

Innovative Design
This highly technical category challenges students either individually or in pairs to present a novel and commercially viable solution to a real world problem of their own choice. The set-up of this category is unique in that booths are made available all day for public viewing and promotion. Solutions are assessed for feasibility, market research, applicability, and design prototyping.

New to WEC, Re-Engineering challenges competitors to find innovate or repurpose an existing product. The design problem is revealed the morning of the competition and teams of two are given 8 hours to arrive at a solution. Their concepts are then presented and evaluated based on practicality, originality, feasibility, and marketability by a panel of judges.

Registration will be open until October 24th, 2014. Please register here.

Extra Life 24 Hour Challenge

The Regina Engineering Students’ Society has created a team to save children through video games, and we need your help. Each of us has chosen our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital where thousands of children are treated each year, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

From October 25th, 2014 at 8am to October 26th, 2014 at 8am, we’ll be part of a huge international celebration of the social impact of gamers with Extra Life and it’s our sincere hope that you’ll find it in your heart to support us with a monthly pledge or one-time gift that will go directly to that team member’s chosen hospital. Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.

Please support or join our team at
Follow and watch our team at or in ED 148 or ED 127.

NCWiE 2014 Registration

The Regina Engineering Students’ Society (RESS) is opening registration to National Conference on Women in Engineering (NCWiE) 2014 in Saskatoon to its members. The conference will be held at the Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon. The conference starts at 12:00 (noon) on Friday, November 14th and goes until Sunday, November 16th at 17:00.

The NCWiE is a national student run conference held annually through the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students. NCWiE is held over a weekend in November and brings together approximately 150 undergraduate student leaders from universities across Canada to discuss diversity with sponsors and speakers.

RESS will be sending 10 of its member to NCWiE 2014 in Saskatoon. Each delegate shall pay a delegate fee between $75 – $100. Priority will be given to society members with a history of ambition in student involvement within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Registration closes on October 6, 2014. Members can register at the link below:

RESS NCWiE 2014 Registration

Results of September By-Election

The votes are counted, and your new council members are:

First Year Chair: Ahmad Qaqa
First Year Events: Tristan Heisler
First Year Communications: Quinn Bast

VP Social: Dylan Edgar

Lounge Director: Drew Kurtz

There remains a vacant position for International Representative, and anyone who wants to volunteer at our events is always welcome!

Candidates for the RESS September By-election

On September 24, 2014, the RESS will hold an election to fill the positions of VP Social, Lounge Director, First-Year Chair, First-Year Events Director, and First-Year Communications Director.  You may have noticed the campaign posters displayed around the University and inside the engineering lounge, but just in case you did not, here are the candidates and the positions they are running for:

Vice-President Social
Dylan Edgar
Makysym Zabutnyy

Lounge Director
Bryce Drew
Drew Kurtz
Wilson Nie

First-Year Chair
Matthew Hall
Jennifer Herasymuik
Ahmad Qaqa
Garry Sarkar
Armin Smajevic

First-Year Events Director
Tristan Heisler

First-Year Communications Director
Quinn Bast

It is not yet decided whether the vote will be held electronically or via paper ballot, keep your ear to Facebook ( and Twitter (@reginaengg) to keep updated!

RESS Frosh Week 2014

New member of RESS or returning member? Come and join the RESS with a week full of events to introduce first years into the Engineering Faculty.

Interested in Volunteering?  Click Here.

Interested in Facebooking? Click Here.

Frosh Olympics & BBQ
Date: Sept 3rd at 5:30PM
Location: Field 5
Compete against your peers in challenging games, trivia, and activities. Show off your skillz and enjoy some burgers (w/ veggie options).

Scavenger Hunt
Date: Sept 4th at 12:00PM
Location: ED 127
Gather your knowledge and your team to find all the items on our list. This 24 hour challenge will test your mind and body.

Pancake Breakfast
Date: Sept 5th at 8:00AM
Location: ED 127
Enjoy some fresh pancakes to start the day off right.

Frozen Friday
Date: Sept 5th All Day
The beginning of Frozen Fridays where members get FREE frozen treats for the month of September.

Movie Night
Date: Sept 6 at 4:00PM
Location: ED 193
Enjoy a nice film with your peers after the first week of classes. The movie is TBA.

Cereal Sunday
Date: Sept 7 at 10:00AM
Location: ED 127
Fresh cereal in the lounge. Do I need to explain?

Design Competition
Date: Sept 7 at 1:00PM
Location: ED 127 & Field
You are given problem and you have to engineer your way out of the situation.

Date: Sept 8 at 4:30PM
Location: CK 185
Come and learn the all the tips and tricks you need to know.  Have a slice of pizza and learn about the RESS and what we can do for you. 

Ultimate Frisbee
Date: Sept 9 at 4:00PM
Location: Field 5
Even if you aren’t good at sports, it will be an excellent time to relax. Let’s run around and play frisbee in an ultimate fashion.

Want to be a Mentor or a Protégé?

The RESS is happy to announce that the mentorship program will continue for a second year after running very successfully last year.  However, we cannot have a mentorship program without mentors and protégés.  This is where you come in! Would you like to help an inexperienced student get through their early years by offering advice and sharing your wisdom? Or would you like to leach upon the helpful knowledge of an experienced engineering student?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, visit the link below to sign-up for the mentorship program.

Mentorship program sign-up form

Keep in mind that mentorship does not equal tutoring.  The purpose of mentorship is meant to be about guiding new engineering students to a fun and successful student life.

Compete in the National Mining Competition

From October 30 to November 2, 2014, the National Mining Competition (NMC) is being hosted at the Bessborough hotel in down-town Saskatoon.  The Regina Engineering Students’ Society would like to help you attend by paying for a portion of your costs to participate in the competitions, such as travel expenses, food, fees, and accommodations.  This competition is a team-based events and the competition is designed to have both a business and engineering theme, so a team with both business and engineering students is encouraged, but not required.

Competitions like these look great on a résumé! In fact, the competition itself is presented by PotashCorp, an employer of many Saskatchewan engineers, and many other professional engineers and recruiters will be there!

Want to learn more?
NMC official website:
NMC 2014 Prospectus: download PDF

To register and apply for funding:
NMC 2014 registration: registration details
RESS Open Conference Funding Form: download PDF