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Election Results

Here is your 2009-2010 RESS Council:

President: Matt Steen

VP Academic: Stephanie Campbell

VP Finance: Ariele Chow: 92  (John Desnoyer-Stewart: 49)

VP Communications: Kaylee Puchala

VP Professional: Sherron Campbell: 101 (Micheal Tymiak: 38)

VP Social: Jordan Padbury

VP Student Associations: Jamie Kilkenny

Publications Director: Carmen Bogdan

Stores Director: Alyssa Stoeck

Lounge Director: Megan Spence: 76 (Garrett Genge: 69)

Photos Director: Jason Wist

Alumni Representative: Connor Wright


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Call for Council Nominations

Elections are coming up and the RESS is calling for nominations for council positions.

Those who are interested in running should print a form off the website under “Policy & Forms” and have 10 of your fellow undergraduate engineering students endorse you by signing your paper. Forms are to be returned

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AGM March 5th

This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held Thursday, March 5, 2009 at 1pm in room ED106.1.

Your opinions matter to us, so come voice them on Thursday!

Any motions that wish to be made may be sent to council[at] or communications[at] (Don’t forget to replace “[at]” with “@”)

Hope to see you

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1-4 Reception

The RESS is hosting the 17th annual Year 1-4 Reception on Thursday March 12, 2009, during Engineering Week, at the Terrace Rotunda/Plaza at Innovation Place 140 – 10 Research Drive from 7pm – 9pm. This reception will be a semi-formal mixer with wine and appetizers, and give first year students,

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